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Mauricio Flores

About me

In 2010, I moved to Canada to become the greatest reservoir engineer I could be. I resided on Campus with other out-of-town ACAD students at SAIT. This was my first introduction to professional photography.

After college, I spent 7 years discovering, assessing, and delivering Alberta Oil Sands technology. I wanted to be a professional photographer, but this job was satisfying.

Since 2015, I’ve known I may lose my job. Being an engineer in Canada, I was afraid about what might happen. After listening to thousands of podcasts, this interview flipped a switch in me, and a few days later I understood that engineering and photography might work together.

You know, while examining technology companies throughout the years, I always ran across the same issue: they lacked marketing materials that represented their technology’s worth. Making it tough for me to convince my boss and directors to fund this technology’s research.

We all want to advance our careers or boost sales in the workplace. I was ready to assist individuals like me “sell” themselves and help businesses explain their value proposition in a digital era when I was let go.

The impact
i want to make

To help my clients access more opportunities

I think that to get better at what you do, you need better problems to solve. Problems that will help you new skills, knowledge and experience that will make you more valuable on the market.  You are already putting yourself out there in the real world, by creating your Online Personal Brand, you can leverage the value of the network effect that transcend your local connections, and opens the door to opportunities you didn’t know existed elsewhere.

“You need to market yourself more” was a phrase I used to hate. After running my business for more than four years, I realized I didn’t really know what marketing is. I thought that marketing was a collection of all the times I felt like I was tricked into buying something. I know that marketing gives me the chance “to do things that matter for people who care about the change I’m trying to make,” thanks to Seth Godin and others.

I believe that in order to achieve a higher level of competency in your field, you have to have access to better problems to solve. Problems that will allow you to sharpen your skills even further and become more valuable in the market place. My goal is to provide that little nudge of inspiration for your to look for those opportunities.

There were many times when I was making this website that I thought I shouldn’t share everything I wanted to share. Putting pictures of myself here for everyone to see was hard. But because I’ve been down the same road as you, I know how important it is to both shoot with an end goal in mind and connect with you and make the whole shooting experience as comfortable as possible. This will help create portraits of you that make you look confident and approachable, and you’ll be excited to share those photos with everyone.

Commercial Photography

Our services are tailored to help you create a unique and compelling visual identity for your brand. With a focus on marketing, we provide high-quality images that will elevate your online presence

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Maximize your brand's potential with our expert videography services, specifically tailored for impactful marketing. From promotional videos to social media content, we'll bring your brand to life on screen.

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360 Video Booths

Bring a new level of excitement to any live event. Our cutting-edge technology captures every angle, allowing guests to step into the action and create personalized 360 video.

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Live Streaming allows global audience access. Our team will work with you to produce high quality webinars, conferences, and corporate quarterly performance update livestream events.

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additional capabilities

We provide more than just Headshots Services

Most of my corporate clients have come to me for either staff headshots or because an executive within their organization will receive an award or has some big news release that needs a headshot. However, as the relationship evolves and trust was developed they started to as if I could do X, Y or Z for them, that’s how these I am now able to offer these additional services. 

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